Uncle O's Runny Nose


Screwing around on the DIY_eJuice Discord, spitballin' with OdieDoodah. So I present to you! Uncle O's Runny Nose! It's a quick (considering 3 day steep) pineapple-berry-vanilla "smoothie". Heavy on the pineapple, backed up by the sweetness of the berries. I used a mix JF Pineapple and TFA/TPA Pineapple, as that combo gives you the sour yet sweet sensation, that I feel like this recipe needs. The vanilla is there for the accent and gives it a little warm feeling and the milk is for the creamy part of the "smoothie". So, a sweet n' sour mix - quick and easy. Let it steep for 3 days to get the INW vanilla activated. You can add in your choice of coolant if you like. Enjoy!

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