Virginia 1877


Chocolate Virgina Tobacco ( All Flavorah Recipe) This was my go to hand-rolling blend and i think this mix nails the most remarcable notes i remember from back in the day. Golden virginia is a sweet, smooth blend and i always smelled a dark chocolate note when opening a new bag, thats why we have Chocolate deutsch in the mix also helps smoothing out the finish. Virginia was an obvious one, this concentrate is pretty one dimensional so here just adds the sweet and bright virginia leafy notes. The main tobacco of the mix is Cured, as a generic tobacco filling is the best, also plays wonders with Red Burley, both giving each other complexity and some chocolate - nutty nuances. To add that little extra notes of realism i used Cream and Sweet Cigarette. Golden Virginia is a super smooth blend, quite sweet with the smoke being dense but yet soft and slightly ashy : 0.8% Cream and 0.2% Sweet cigarette nail this part. Mix / Steep: I suggets 70/30 to get an extra smooth vape but 60/40 is also really nice. You can SnV or either leave it 3-5 days to settle down but as always with FLV Tobaccos after 2 weeks they come back in a really nice and nuanced way.

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