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This forum is to discuss flavors, recipes, mixers and how to use the website. Let’s avoid touchy subjects and keep the banter clean if we can.


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This is excellent! I’m glad there is a forum on ATF now. Well done!


This seems like a pretty cool thing going on here! :+1::+1:Way better than the FB discussion thing.:blush:


Hello everyone I’m glad to have found this community. Excited to mix up some recipes and get better at diy’ing! Happy mixing y’all!


Hello everyone… PV here…


this place is nothing like ELR.
Hello you bunch of horny bastes !!!


PV you are lost, they don’t have medicine flower here, or the knowledge of such things, TPA/CAP infested !!


I heard all the best mixers reside at ATF… I wanted to see for myself. This forums looks a lot like ELR, except darker… :rofl:


I don’t see nothing, but walker recipes, cap,tpa, with no flavor notes, no percentage, no nothing, all hype to get the beginners to pay for diydie recipes. best thing tho, they don’t smoke stinkies, but yea the Hype is un fucking real.


Agreed, the true pros hang out at ecig & underground forums and 95% of ELR’s recipes are fantastic, especially when I want to break out Vamo to use my cartos and Vivi Novas.

All your bullshit aside, I’ve been a member here for about a year and I notice more and more that there’s a huge balance issue. A lot of the recipes that got dumped from his forum, which you talked about, completely dominates everything as I take it you’re hitting (by rating) and with a small sample size 85% are from March to Dec of 2016 with only Folks Boss Reserve 2017-12-01 and Ab’s Fear 2017-05-27 the most current, however they’re many pages deep.

It’s human nature to hit by rating first and because they’ve been on the site for longer they have more votes but with the way the system is setup and the lack of voting they will always not only be at the top literally forever as you could bust out a Grack V2 but 35x better but you’ll be lucky to get noticed as going by hottest and popular they also are on the top with only a few newer recipes sneaking through.

So it’s almost impossible to get your recipe noticed or rack up page views because of the balance issue. There are some fantastic mixes out there, maybe some top 2018 worthy but no discussion or reviews… The top probably 8 most followed mixers (for a reason) are able to get the page views and ratings and will always move up the scoreboard while talented and unknown mixers and mixes completely get blown by. SlashaLO is a perfect example of somebody who is talented but will never get noticed. Yes he uses flavors not a lot of people have, which hurts by cutting out a percentage of people, but that’s just an example of probably 15 top-tier people with no reviews, discussions, ratings, nothing and if they don’t cross-post on Reddit they’ll never get noticed.

So the only thing to do is go by recent recipes and scroll through the new ones. However this site in the past 3-4 months has been a dumping ground for promotion which totally waters down the site like crazy with the massive amount of recipes. I love Mixin Vixens and Kippa from DIY Down Under is so awesome and I watch their shows and they’re all crazy talented and people like Rin & Jennifer are very top of the food chain but when they dump tons of recipes for a show that they spent a week on working with or actually mix it on the actual show and post it here that totally dilutes the site because less is more was always the best thing and was/is ELR’s problem being a dumping ground.

People who spent months and 30 different iterations in order for it to be ready to go live and post are getting unnoticed with no feedback at all which we all know is an issue. You can’t put a number on it but it’s a fact that this site has lost a tremendous amount of talented mixers and mixes that moved somewhere else or just stopped posting their recipes and it’s literally getting worse by the day. The site needs to change quick before it’s too late because it’s almost a 1:1 mirror of ELR of how it it went to shit.

The one thought that I have in my head is to make all 2016 recipes legacy mixes. Basically resetting the system by having them not show up on rating/hottest/popular/most mixed search. Obviously blast a notice on all the pages so people can’t miss the new overhaul and they are all still there. Add a legacy tab by the ratings/hottest etc so people can search inside there with all the 2016 mixes. I don’t think a lot of people type in the recipe bar for mixes because people use unique names that has nothing to do with flavors and only good for looking for maybe a clone or something, next thing they’ll do is do a search by tags which is totally flawed and now most people don’t even bother with anymore.

Obviously the way to go is to navigate by clicking through specific flavors and then you’ll go down the rabbit hole by clicking on different mixes and next thing you know you have 15 tabs open with other flavors and that’s the best method to search the site. The only issue if the legacy ones show up when you click on a specific flavor but I say not only keep them separate but also the flavor %'s too because a lot has changed with this sites 3 year anniversary coming up. But make it easy to switch from the legacy (2016) recipes to the 2017 to current. That’s ELR’s main problem because you can’t search by date which they obviously can do but they’re all about the #'s and views which = traffic.Give out 5 stars to vote for everybody to jumpstart the new mixes with having to leave a comment or something in that vain to fast track

The amount of coding that might take it’ll never happen in a million and a half years as he’s busy as hell and now dealing with hosting issues which is now fixed, but he said that’s because the amount of new people coming, which a large part is thanks to Skiddz and Reddit getting a total makeover so a lot of new mixers are finding the site and people who posted on ELR their whole life are starting to merge here.

So if the site is getting slammed with new people then ask for help and accept it too. There are talented coders here that would gladly help and there have been threads here and in the discord too but the site has so much potential but work needs to be done. That’s just one suggestion on a direction you could go out of 20 other different ideas that people could rattle off in a second.


this shit hole still sucks, no search engine, no fuck, :-1::point_right::ok_hand: