Winning 3 2 1


Winning 3 2 1 Really like this...vapes good/full and rich with no off notes that my palette detects off a shake...with the Vanilla Ice Cream(LB) only getting better with time, this is a good one to make a bigger batch of and still pull on it as you please. That's winning The Vape Train Sweet Strawberry is present and seems to lay over the top of the mix very well so very impressed with my first use of it. If you want to push the strawberry, drop the Yes, We Cheesecake and add 1% CAP Strawberries and Cream I'm going to expand this past a 321 I think, would do very well with a few add ons See what you can come up with too...would love to see this worked with. Give this one a mix and a quick review if you have time, Thanks! This recipe was tested and designed on the Haku single Clapton at .54ohms at 50W @s2k on ELR

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