After a few days in turns in to a sort of baked currant bakery type 😊 Sometimes on, we accidentally press the “random recipe".button, and that button my friends, are a highly underrated button. Sometimes you press it and says “HELL FREAKING NO” . But sometimes you accidentally press it and thinks...”hmm, that actually could work and I have never thought of mixing those ingredient together “ And so I did. My notes on it though or my thoughts is... Why did i mix this up? Cause mixing some AP with some fruits could be fun, and it sure was. It was brillant! IT works, and im totally gonna use Som ap in some fruits in the. future gives a Nutty kinda griddy note to currant. Dunno... 😁 Maks a 10 mlog this 😊 Im drunk now.. Just kidding! I been drunk all dsy. . Just kidding . This recipe is actually awsome. And now i said actually enough for a enough lifefime. PS. Im from Denmark. I speak like crack denglish 😎 Is this my recipe?! Sure. I posted and mixed the motherfucker... And vaping it right know ACTUALLY.

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