YM Vanilla-Hazelnut-Cheesecake Custard


This recipe is inspired from one of the Stars here on ATF: https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/97838#yellow_matter_custard_dripping_from_a_dead_dog_s_eye_by_wadeyloops **But its so differently, to be a independent recipe creation, with his own unmistakable character!** **NOTES** A delish, cheesy Custard with lots of vanilla and a autentic, fresh Hazelnut as counterpart, whitch makes the vanilla not boring. The Hazelnut causes, that the vanilla get not lost after a few puffs or your taste get used for it. In the inspiring recipe, the "Creme Cheese Icing" was playing this part. At the Inhale, you taste first the creamy Hazelnut, whitch prepares your taste, for the wonderful Vanilla, whitch will linger on your tongue, after the exhale. The yellow cake gives the custard more depth and supprts the crust of the Cheesecake. The crust gets stronger if you steep clear longer than the 14 days, which are recommended. If you make a bigger batch or longer steep, and you dont like a stronger Crust, lower the Yellow Cake, to 1.5% or 1%. **SUBSTITUTE FLAVOURS** You can sub the Holy Vanilla with INW Shisha Vanilla if you prefer that taste. But then use a little more. 2% will work well. You can also sub the FW Yellow Cake, for JF Yellow Cake at same percentage. It makes the cake part a little thinner, but its still nice if you use 0.5% more. You can also sub the CAP NY Cheesecake, for INW Cheesecake, but use only 1.5%, because its stronger. **All other flavours are essential. If you sub them, the mix is maybe also good, but goes too far from the original taste of this recipe** **Testing** I need some time, and try a lot of variations, to get the recipe to this point. To make it more cheesy and a little more creamy, in Harmonie with the Vanilla and the Nut. All variations i have testet in Squape E, FeV VS and Dvarw MTL. At a resistance around 1 Ohm, MTL, with stainless steel wire at 20 Watts But iam sure, the type of the wire, will not play a important role. **Sweetness** Sweeten how you wish. Iam not really a friend of sweetener, but a small amount, like the recipe says, is necessary in my opinion. The concentrates give not enough of it, for this case. **Misc** All this text, is only to help you, to optimizing the Liquid for your taste. But you have not really take care of it. Mix the recipe, with the listed flavours at their associated percetages, and you get a creamy, really delish Juice, if you like Dessert-Profiles! **I hope you enjoy it like me :-)** ------------------------------------------------ **Other recipe recommendation** **If you like a other good Custard-Vape,, try:** https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/115400#yellow_extasy_by_zugmaschine **Or if you like a very good Ice Crean-Vape, try:** https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/62201#holy_vanilla_ice_cream_by_zugmaschine

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